Stage 1: Unconscious incompetence Stage 2: Conscious incompetence Stage 3: Conscious competence Stage 4: Unconscious competence I learnt this at some hippie seminar in the bright, rosy past, and I’ve never forgotten it. It has relevance here, though, and is another way of looking at the progression from non-literacy through to fluency. (Ha! Just discovered […]

PART I – Search Engines At the moment I have a few classes looking at racism in Australia, the different waves of immigrants over the decades, their treatment, their contributions and their numbers. Some of the specific keywords would include Chinese, gold rush, Italians, World war II, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Muslims, White […]

I looked at two tools for this unit. 1. Essay Map This method of outlining an essay required no login, provided no Terms of Service or Privacy Policy and was very straightforward and easy-to-use. It’s not useful for my own professional learning but may be of interest to some English and VCAL teachers at my […]

How. Informative. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy For the first part of Unit 4 I decided to have a closer look at one of my most-used, beloved and treasured free online tools, Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter for a few years now and mainly use it to laugh, keep up with a couple of […]

I think the idea and reality of online professional communities make sense, wonderful sense. They are a way of having good workplace relationships without having to go some-specific-where at a some-particular-time. Online communities enhance other sources of information, sharing and liveliness. Keywords: connections, fascination, solutions, collegiality, mentoring, depth.             On […]

I have a few different ways of keeping track of resources and of sharing resources. I read stuff (maybe at OZTL-Net, maybe at one of the journals or blogs I subscribe to) and then email the link to myself, save it as a bookmark, put it in my digital cupboard (Diigo) or record it on […]

This is a link to my Evernote, um, note:┬áThe Institute for Figuring (What’s a blog without a picture?)           Image source –